What’s the very best Boiler and What Should I Know Before Getting a Boiler Installation?

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Find New Boiler Installation Essex

We get asked this question a lot, so I thought I would write this article so you can make a more educated decision.
By law, you must choose a high efficiency condensing boiler with a Sedbuk rating of either A or B. A rated boilers to have an efficiency of 90% and above and band B boilers have an efficiency of 86% – 90%.
The obvious benefits of a new condensing combination boiler are that they are a lot cheaper to run, and a lot better for the environment, there’s also a good chance that a New Boiler Installation in Essex will add to the value of your property depending on the condition of your old system/boiler.

There are many manufacturers of boilers around some better than others and the price often (but not always) reflects this, my personal recommendations for a good value reliable band A boiler is the Baxi Duo-tec, or Ideal logic +. Master Gas was awarded Corgi and Which magazine boiler of the year in 2007 and has an efficiency of 91.5%, the Logic + is about the same price as Master Gas but comes with a 5 year warranty as opposed to Master Gas’s 2 year warranty., I personally think they are just as good as each other as I have fitted both, it just so happens that Baxi have a better reputation than Ideal. If you have money to burn then you could opt for a Worcester Bosh or Vaillant boiler, but I don’t think they warrant the extra expense personally.

Find New Boiler Installation Essex

Whoever you choose to fit your new boiler must ensure that the following are carried out as part of the installation in order to meet all relevant regulations:

  • Thermostatic Radiator valves – Used to control each radiator individually and in turn will save you money
  • Room stat – Normally wireless and used to control the temperature of the room, saves money.
  • System flush – This is needed mainly for your boiler warranty, there are two methods one is a power flush and one is a hot and cold flush, in a nutshell, the system must be clean fro sludge and magnetite build-up as newer boilers are more perceptive to sludge damage, another good idea is to get a filter fitted which offers long term protection.
  • Condensate pipe – on condensing boilers there is a need for a white pipe to leave your boiler and terminate in a drain or waste materials pipe, you must be sure this happens.
  • Notification – It really is a necessity that your installer notifies the boiler set up with the building rules.

That is a tough price idea, you mustn’t really be paying outside these mounting brackets as too cheap I’d be wary and very costly doesn’t necessarily suggest a much better standard of work, please be aware that we perform boiler installations Essex so prices can vary greatly on an area.

Boiler exchange (combi boiler swapped for a fresh combi boiler) £1300 – £2000 depending on boiler
Conversion (back again boiler or system boiler for a combi) £1800 – £3000 depending on boiler and location of the new and old boiler.
System boiler for new condensing system boiler: £1200 – £2000.

I USUALLY recommend a Combi boiler instead of something boiler, as a combi gives you instant warm water and heating system and doesn’t need any tanks etc for this to use, the only time I advise against the first is if you have a higher warm water demand as a Combi can only just cope with a degree of hot water at exactly the same time, and that means you normally couldn’t have two showers on at exactly the same time for quarrels sake.

I am hoping you found this informative article informative and if you have any questions regarding boiler set up or other things, then please do not hesitate to provide us with a call, please remember we only operate in Essex.

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